Thursday, February 14, 2008

Indiana Jones and the Teaser Trailer


Results from the poll: the New Years resolution I have NO intention of keeping

eat more vegatables (20%)
learn french (30%)
to exercise 3 times a week (0%)
no more milkshakes (20%)
to not worry about work (30%)
play less Team Fortress 2 (0%)

And its true. I most likely won't be learning French this year. Aaaand try as I might I will probably be worrying about's in my nature. New Indy poll is up!!


Michael Auerswald said...

First of all: so looking forward to this! OMG I pray they don't screw this up (see Star Wars....)

Second: hehe, did you notice the crappy CG trousers they put on Ray Winston and that they comp'd out the guns in the scene in the middle?

RayChase said...

Yes I am really hoping they do this movie right... I never noticed the CG trousers until I saw the story on AICN. Yes please take those guns out of a PG-13 movie trailer.

At least they didnt replace them with walkie talkies. Oh no Indy, they are pointing little radios at us!!

Michael Auerswald said...

Radios!? Quick Indy, to the tin foil hats!