Thursday, May 04, 2006

All Good Things...

Tomorrow is my last day at DNA Productions Inc...yes its true. About 2 months ago the company was told that due to no projects lining up behind our current one, significant layoffs would be occurring. Apparently significant means....well...most everybody. So tomorrow myself and the majority of the animation dept will walk out of the studio for the last time. Unless I forget something and have to go back to retrieve it.

My 6 years at DNA were pretty great. I did enjoy my time there very much. The artists really did make the company what it was and I worked along side some great talent. Everyone in the animation dept worked so well together and the team really was hitting their stride. I think our work on Ant Bully will show that.

I have grown quite fond of my fellow animators and I can honestly say it won't be easy not seeing their bright and shiny faces everyday. For me, it's like losing a 2nd family. And it sucks. I plan to keep in touch with every single one of them, except Barry.....because he annoys me. I I? ;)

Now you know why my blog has been dead lately. Obviously when something like this happens you run the emotional gambit, from feeling angry and hurt to panic and complete freak out. There was also some random vomiting. All this equals no blog entries. I've spent much of the last two months in the land of angry; I'm not only a resident, I'm also the mayor! And you can't write goofy stuff when you're angry. Well I guess you can, but I chose not to.

Unfortunately for my five dear readers the blog will be going on hiatus for a bit. With this news of my layoff you are asking "what's next for ole Ray?" and the answer is "ROAD TRIP".

Yes I plan to rent the wonderful Tom Green romp and watch it over and over and over....basically until I am numb. No my silly hobbits we are packing up the Animato-mobile and getting the hell outta Dallas. I need a vacation by gum and DNA has been nice enough to offer me an extended one. We are going to drive around and visit family and pan handle in major cities all across the U.S.; it's going to be a blast!!

And when we get back....Well I can't say just yet. Walmart seems interested, but I would really rather sell lumber at Home Depot....keep your fingers crossed!!