Thursday, July 24, 2008

Poor Neglected Blog

Yes blog I am sorry that we haven't been spending much time together. This year has been busy, busy. I have pictures...I have posts, but I have been too darn busy to get them up here. Don't cry blog..I still like you.

I will get back to you soon blog, but right now we are getting ready to head to San Antonio. Tomorrow is our ten year wedding anniversary and we are leaving town with the kids for a few days. We'll do some River Walk...maybe some Sea World...because nothing says love and romance like a giant killer whale.

So hang in there blog...dry those tears and maybe I will bring you back a picture or two.

Results..finally...from the poll: What Did You Think of Indy 4?
So awesome my face nearly melted
from the awesomeness (26%)
The Holy Grail of the franchise (0%)
Better than a bowl of monkey brains (43%)
I would have rather been covered in snakes (13%)
It was so bad, I wanted to rip out my heart (17%)

And...what is that a new poll...might be....