Wednesday, November 21, 2007

It's a Wonderful Bug's Life

Results from the poll:

Favorite Animated Insect Movie
The Ant Bully (19%)
Antz (14%)
Bee Movie (5%)
A Bug's Life (62%)

People love the life of bugs......bee movie?....not so much.

A new poll is up just in time for the holidays!

Monday, November 19, 2007

Thomas the Expensive Tank Engine

Christmas is approaching...there it is....right behind you!! And so begins the shopping. Now both my daughter, Wonder-pea, and my son, Lil Pumpkin, dig the Thomas the tank engine. When visiting any Barnes and Nobles much time and fun is spent playing with these little trains.

Wonder-pea has been a Thomas fan for awhile and has a few engines and some track, all provided by family members at previous birthdays, christmas etc. We've been thinking of expanding the collection, maybe even getting a train table like they play with at the book store.

As it happens, I found myself in the Toys R Us and decided that I would pick up a few things. Ya gotta start the shopping early before everything is gone and you are left with giving your children scotch tape and beef jerky. So here is me...beating the rush.

This first thing I took a look at was a Roundhouse where Wonder-pea and Lil Pumpkin could store all their trains after a hard day of training around.

How much is this thing........hummm oh here it- $80.00!!! HOLY POOP!!! I dropped it like it a hot biscuit. Once I finished shaking I turned it over with my foot and looked at the price again... and again...and again...and again...

I quickly walked away.

Maybe another little train with a coal car would be good. $20.00!!! OK train with no coal car $15.00. My Pirates of the Caribbean figures from NECA, which are pretty detailed, run $14.00.....why in gods name is this thing $20. And then I saw that the Thomas line boasts: Made from Real Wood. Damn you real wood.

How about "Made From Something that Won't Make This Stuff So Expensive" paper or feathers. The more I explored the wonderful toy world of Thomas, the more it become clear that Learning Curve, the makers of this cash cow, are rolling in the freakin dough. Sure it's "official" merchandise and then there is the "real wood" thing. But come on. A little 3 inch train should not be $20.

After my mind stopped spinning, I though, o-k maybe we can just get the table. It's just an average looking table with a scenery image on top. We will get the table and trick- see if other family members want to buy the crazy expensive trains, track etc.

Tables run: $250-400. My.....god...

I hope the kids enjoy the scotch tape and beef jerky.

Friday, November 09, 2007


I finally had some time to do a decent drawergeeks submission.

Friday, November 02, 2007

Bee Movie

Bee Movie opens today. Yes its out right now!! Go....hurry.....time is running out!! ReelFx did some promotional spots for the film. I have a couple shots I did up in the animation section. Enjoy.

A new poll is up as well. Here are the results from the previous:

Favorite Team Fortress 2 DEFENSE character
Demoman (33%)
Heavy (33%)
Engineer (33%)

A three way tie!! You're all winners!!