Friday, February 23, 2007

Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Worship the Sun

This past Sunday I spent most of the day outside doing work around the yard; cutting back trees, cleaning up leaves and general frolicking about. It was awesome to finally be outside for some length of time without freezing.

Yes I live in Texas and I said freezing.

We have lived here for nearly 7 years and this was the worst winter I have experienced. Rain, snow, ice and wind; we had it all. Usually the crap weather lasts for a few weeks. This year it seemed like months....MONTHS of god what kind of world am I living in.

Those who know me, know that I don't like to wear pants. I am more of a year round shorts guy. This winter I had to wear pants at least a dosen times..oh the horror! My criteria for wearing pants is this: if I get up and its below freezing and/or snowing then I can not possibly wear shorts. Many times I woke up to temperatures in the teens and twenties. Brrrr

But now that untapped resource of power and warmth is shining brightly down upon us. And in a few short months it will becoming increasingly unbearable, burning my flesh and causing pets to exploded. Then the cursing of the sun will begin.

Friday, February 16, 2007

Throwing Up Is Fun

I don't watch the Family Guy with any regularity. Ok I never watch the Family Guy..there I said it..but this clip sends me into fits of crazy laughter pretty much every time I've watched it. The first time I saw it, which was some time ago as the clip has been around awhile, I could not see because my eyes where streaming with tears. And then I threw up.

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Robots in Disguise

This week we wrap animation on game cinematics for Transformers the Game. With Ninja Turtles and now Transformers, I'm getting to work with some of the characters I enjoyed watching on the TV in me younger days. Could Starblazers and Ultra-man be far behind?

I'm not sure the release date of the game, although the official site is up. Don't get too excited though, as there really isn't anything there yet.

Once the game is released I will post some of my shots. I did one with Optimus saying his famous line "Autobots...transform and roll out", which was uber geeky cool. I am very glad, like most fans, that Peter Cullen is reprising his famous voice for the film.

Tuesday, February 13, 2007


Here is the first footage I have seen from Disney's upcoming animated film. The animation really feels like a throw back to the 2D style. And I am really digging the facial animation; the squash and stretch is very nice. I also like the visual look as it is more painterly than most CG.

Thursday, February 08, 2007

Ratatouille Animation Test...No Really

So it was up and then it was removed and now it seems that the good folks at Disney/Pixar have "officially" made this test available. I say good for them! Don't be afraid of the YouTube...embrace it and whisper sweet nothings in it's is your friend.

Of course the words Property of Pixar are annoyingly place right above the characters head...I want to watch the animation but my eyes are drawn to these words. That's what I get for learning to read.

Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Ratatouille Test Animation

Here's a fun piece of animation featuring one of the characters from the upcoming film Ratatouille. Since it's not a scene from the movie, Disney/Pixar security teams may let it slide....or....they will beat YouTube with a giant stick of justice.

**Update: Wow that didn't take long. Yes the movie has been removed at the request of Disney. I appreciate the whole copyright issue, however you would think that they would embrace the free advertising thing; it wasn't a scene from the movie afterall. If I was Disney, I would release these clips myself....they end up on blogs and make their way around the internet very advertising baby! Oh well...

Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Shrek the Third Trailer

Here is the new trailer for Shrek the Third. I must admit that I enjoy the first Shrek less and less with each viewing, however I still enjoy Shrek 2 quite a lot; I think the addition of Puss N Boots helped. This 3rd installment looks fun, I laughed quite a few times during this new trailer.

Monday, February 05, 2007

It's Not Easy Being a Baby

As cool as it is to be a baby, there are a few things that stink about being one.

The inability to control your own head. Yes try as you might to look around and see the world, your large noggin wobbles and jerks violently to the point of damn near snapping your own neck.

The inability to control your arms. You can't point or really grab anything yet so all your arms are good for is flailing. Many times you will hit yourself in the face which can really piss you off. On the plus side, they are pretty cool to stare at.

Lack of mobility. Pretty much where ever your servants place you...there you are. Too bright in this room? Don't really feel like hanging in the crib right now? Too bad squirt. Unitl you coordinate those motor skills, your stuck.

Limited diet. Sometimes you could go for a steak or maybe some chocolate cake but oh no. It's milk all day, everyday.

Language barrier. You want your favorite blank....your screaming "Blanket!!" but since your servants only hear "waaaahhh", you are left annoyed and frustrated....and with no blanket.

Diaper rash. A chaffed bottom is an unhappy bottom. Period.

Thursday, February 01, 2007

It's Great To Be A Baby!

Lil Pumpkin turned 3 months this past weekend; where does the time go. The acid reflux that was making the little man really, really angry has been under control for awhile and he is quite a pleasant little dude to be around.

Recently I got to thinking about the awesomeness it is to be a baby:

The first really cool thing is that in many cases you get your own room; it is from here that you will rule your kingdom. Wow I just got here and I have my own place. Is that my name on the blanket? Nice. I'm not really into the duckies, but the bunnies and frogs are pretty cool. Yes this will do nicely.

Whenever you want anything....anything you just go "Hey...I'm hungry" or "Hey my pants are wet" which in the baby native tongue is "Wahhhh" or "nnnnnYYYaaHH" and instantly people are jumping around you taking care of your every need. That's pretty sweet.

Zero responsibilities. Absolutely nothing is expected from you. Don't feel like doing much today? Kick back and relax.

You can go to sleep pretty much anytime and anywhere and someone will take care of putting you in a bed. Out shopping with the larger humans and getting tired? Close those eyes and go to sleep...your servants will take care of the rest.

Much like sleep, you can go to the bathroom whenever you like as well. No racing around to find a bathroom. You need to go.....go. Feeling gassy? Let it out as loud as you'd like, preferably when it's really in church....what do you care. Hey I'm a baby over here.

Lots of live entertainment. Your servants not only like to wait on you, but they also like to make faces and jump around like monkeys in the hope that you will grace them with a smile, chuckle or laugh. If you get bored or don't like the performance just close your eyes and go to sleep; there will be another show later.

Yes it's great to be a baby!

Next time: the things that suck about being a baby