Thursday, April 24, 2008

The Simpsons Ride

The Simpsons Ride is now open at Universal Studios Florida (it should be opening in Cali later this spring). ReelFX did a couple minutes of the ride film which was pretty fun to work on. Being a big theme park geek, I have always wanted to work on a theme park ride.

I can't really say what I did on the ride because A. Mr. Burns would have me killed and B. it would give away a semi important part of the show. My scene does involve Maggie, Sideshow Bob and a panda, and occurs towards the end of the ride.

Hurry down to Florida and check it out. Free donuts and beer for the first 500 riders!

Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Digital Grunt

So true...

Home Alone

This week my wife took the kids up to Maryland to visit her parents, so it's just me and the fish. Woo..hooooo.........hoo sigh. I started missing the kiddos right away. While eating dinner and looking at the empty chairs, I must admit I got a little blue. Fortunately Wonder-pea has a lot of stuffed animals so I populated the table with Elmo, Mickey Mouse and the like. It was like when Cartman had the tea party. "Would you like some more tea Polly Prissy Pants?.....Yes please".

It became clear that playing with stuffed animals was no way to pass the time. Instead I focused my energy on doing stuff around the house. First thing was to rent a Rug Doctor to clean the carpets. Two little kids are hell on floors let me tell you. As I moved all the furniture I found Cheerios at every turn. Even in places you wouldn't expect to find them. I would like to know the ratio of Cheerios eaten by Lil Pumpkin, to how many he throws on the floor. My guess is he's not eating many.

Cleaning the floors didn't take long and with every fan in the house going full steam it was time to head outside....yay I love working outside! The big project was fixing, what we affectionately call, Shrek's Swamp. One side of our house gets little to no sun and it stays wet over there pretty much all the time. Over the years the grading has slowly flattened out and water just pools. Lots of mud, moss...lovely.

While I'm schelping around in the mud my foot feels way wet. Yanking my foot from the mud I see that my crappy outside shoes have stepped it up in terms of crappiness. The sole of my left shoe, about 90%, had come completely off. If my shoe and a flip flop mated and had a baby, it would look like this. Awesome I'm practicaly working outside in my socks.

With Shrek's swamp kinda, almost...most likely not entirely fixed, it was on to planting roses, flowers, jasmine and my much anticipated money tree; I hope it blooms $20s. When it came time to re-mulch around our trees, I found fire ants around most of them. At first I was like "yikes..stay away"...then the ghost of Steve Irwin appeared and said "Crickey mate I used to wrestle 10 alligators at once." By god your right...gloves on..and in I went and wouldn't you know...I didn't get biten not once. It was a Christmas miracle!

When I was finally finished with everything, I headed up to the Walmart because I like to hang out there...and I needed light bulbs. After two days of doing stuff around the house, morning to night, I was starting to feel pretty beat, almost to the point where my body was refusing to move. "We have decided that you have done enough, and if you won't stop moving by your own choice then we, being your arms and legs, will simply refuse to function."

Moments later as I was laying on the floor of Walmart, light bulbs clutched to my chest, I wondered what the kids were doing..

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