Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Georgia Aquarium

A few weeks ago, while in Atlanta, we visited the Georgia Aquarium. It was without a doubt the coolest aquarium I have ever visited.

In the main area there is a ginormous video screen showing fish and rainbows.

Inside this area resides the biggest damn viewing area I have ever seen. It measures 63 feet long and 27 feet high. Each panel (6 total) is 2 feet thick. It was like sitting on the ocean floor. Super cool. I want Home Depot (the sponser) to build one in my house.

Whale shark!!!

The River Scout area had some pretty unique fish displays.

One of the ballrooms was open so we took the opportunity to take a break. There were a few nice viewing areas there as well.

Whale shark!!!

What's that in the distance???


This area had lots of hands on activites for kids as well as a kiddie play area. The next two areas we dimmly lite so the pictures were pretty the entrances are all I have to show.

Those are video displays and not actual tanks.

Nemo!!! Actually this guy, who has his own 3D movie up stairs, is named Deepo. Now I am assuming that since Home DEPOt is a big sponsor...and their store color is orange....that was what inspired this character. Nevertheless I amused myself several times asking Wonder-pea if she had seen Deepo. No? Then we should go Find Deepo....come on everyone....we're Finding Deepo.

We had a great time and the aquarium is pretty awesome. The World of Coke is located across from the aquarium but we didn't have the time this trip. Next time...oh yes....

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it all looks so.....delicious!