Monday, August 08, 2016

Happy Work Anniversary to Me

This morning I started getting a bunch of "congratulation" messages from my LinkedIn account.  Maybe I had won the lottery and the Lottery people were surprising me...on...LinkedIn?

Nope it was "congratulations" messages for my work anniversary.  This month marks 10 years that I've been at ReelFX.  My actual start date was Aug 2.

Looking back its crazy how much has changed at the studio as well as how many projects I have been involved in.  I won't list them all as that would be a longish list; hop over to IMDB if you're curious. I've worked with some super talented people in the those 10 years.  Some have moved on to other studios but a few are still around which warms my tiny Grinch heart.

I guess you get a gold watch when you fully retired?  Yes?...Maybe you get a plastic one at 10 years...I will investigate this....


Alex Fleisig said...

YAY! CONGRATS RAY! Look! Someone is looking at your blog! Congrats on that too! YAY!

RayChase said...

Yay Alex!