Thursday, June 08, 2006

Ant Bully Trailer

At long long last it is here! I imagine it will be showing in front of Cars tomorrow, but if you can not wait (and who could) then go here and click on Trailer No. 2


Anonymous said...

Hey Ray! I just checked out the Ant Bully trailer. I hope it does well for the sake of your effort & the effort of everyone at DNA. And guess what? I'm out of work, too! I've left Pixar after 5 years to get my son into kindergarten and spend a year or so gardening, cooking (ribs are on the smoker right now; if you're in the area...) and figuring out my next adventure. Might be film, might not. Who knows? Not me, not yet! Anyway, all the best to your peanut & lovely wife. I'd email, but my email's down right now. I'll send a note another time. Cheers!

RayChase said...

Doug!!! Hey man good to hear from you!! I was out in your area for a couple days(more on that when you get your email working) had I known you were cooking ribs I would have stopped by :)

All the best to the Nichols family and be sure to email when you get set up!!

And be sure to take your son to see Ant Bully in theaters everywhere on July 28th.