Sunday, March 27, 2005

The View from Down Here

  • animation powers: weaken by excess chocolate eggs
Happy Easter everyone! Yes I'm talking to both readers of this blog. I had a revelation in Church today. I was sitting with my daughter at a point when everyone else was standing. As I looked around and noticed other children...some sitting...some standing...I realized that from roughly age 1 to maybe 5..our entire lives our made up of us looking at crotches and butts. Its true. At the eye level of a child that is all they can see. As I kinda slumped down to get more at the eye level of my daughter, I looked around thinking "how do they get along like this, its a people forest at this height. With crotches and butts as far as the eye can see." It made me hope that when aliens invade the planet and start living among us, they are not taller than humans. Having alien crotches and butts at my eye level is not something I can live with...

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