Monday, March 28, 2005

Clone Wars

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After a pretty bleah Monday at worked I came and rewatched some of Cartoon Networks Clone Wars, which if you haven't seen them race on over :

The first series aired last spring and was comprised of 20 episodes clocking in at about 2-3 minutes. The new series are only five episodes at around 10 or so minutes each. They are, in my opinion, much more rewarding than the first 2 prequels movies. It's what we want to see. The Jedi in their prime. There was glimpses of this in the first 2 movies but nothing like what we see in Clone Wars. We see why the Jedi are protectors of the galaxy.....because they kick ass!! No standing in a circle deflecting shots....they actually use the force to throw back swarms of battle droids, to crash ships into each other and to pick crap up and throw it at bad guys.

Remember when Vader tore shit up in Cloud City and threw it at look Luke.....sweeeeet.

They are masters of the force and they know how to use it (remember the force came up with it) the first run of Clone Wars episodes there was a whole bit of Mace vs an army of battle droids...he wiped em out....Yoda didn't appear with reinforcements...he did it all himself. Watching this animated series gets me excited about Star Wars...and yes the 3rd movie....but then I realize that I shouldn't get my hopes too high. Damnit George I want to believe, but from the moment Jar Jar popped on screen....bouncing around like Goofy with a speech impediment, I've been skeptical. However with talk of a future Star Wars something-something coming to TV, I do hope its an animated series...

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