Tuesday, March 29, 2005

Toy Story 3

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I posted this earlier today on CG-Char regarding Disney's sequel division

I would not be surprised if the Disney sequel division does NOT do Toy Story 3. Apparently they are looking for animators. Seems kind of early for a film that's due out in 2008. Pixar doesn't deliver their last film under the present contract until 2006, making 2007 the year of their first potential non-Disney film. Bob Iger will be taking over as CEO of Disney on Sept 30 and has said he and Steve Jobs have been in communication; which seems contrary to what was in the press months back of "its over...blah blah". I'm sure in these the discussions the topic of Toy Story 3 has come up. So what if they put the brakes on TS3? It can happen. Remember the Disney FL studio was doing My Peoples...then one day they weren't. But to not do TS3 may not be the kiss of death to the sequel studio. Disney has made 2D sequels to all their 2D films....logic would suggest they would want the same for all their 3D films.

So here is my prediction: Iger will strike a new deal with Jobs by the end of the year. He will do what Eisner could not and instantly become beloved by Disney fans and stockholders. It will be seen as a sign that the company is on a upswing. Not a bad way to kick off your reign eh? The sequel studio will either A. continue with Toy Story 3 with Pixar's blessing (not likely) or B. start preproduction on Chicken Little 2. Remember Chicken Little? It comes out this fall.I think the idea of Pixar sequels without Pixar was Eisner's way of saying FU to Jobs....we don't need you. With Eisner heading for the door....that could change......

I could be wrong......but if I'm right....well...then someone owes me a cookie....

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