Saturday, March 26, 2005

Death by Chocolate

  • animation powers: weak and defeated

Tonight my wife and I went out to dinner. While at face value this is not something extraordinary we have a daughter who is almost 2. So typically going to dinner is the three of us climbing into the Animato-mobile and heading out someplace kid friendly where we can sit down and eat in about 30 seconds. However tonight was our bi-annual "go out without Wonder-pea". So we went to Saltgrass Steakhouse...ate at a relaxed passed and did the unheard of...we got desert. After reviewing the desert tray of plastic replicas, we made our superpowered decision: brownie sundae.....yummy. When it arrived and we began diving into it, I began to reflect on the tray o plastic we had looked at earlier. Every desert was perhaps 3 times bigger than any mere mortal could eat alone. When did this happen? At what point did they start injecting steriods into the deserts. No no a 2 layer cake isn't big enough...make it 10 layers! So during the course of eating my wife did the "spoon release/push back from the table" signaling she was finished and at last I could pull the goblet close and go to town. Its the signal men wait for during any "desert sharing" experience. In fact when the desert first arrives we are already calculating in our heads how many bites it will take to fill up her wee tummy. And now that it had happened and it was all mine for the taking..mine mine mine. Oh how glorious. But as I looked inside the goblet of fat, I realized there was a lot left and my stomach had just about reached critical mass. But I....must...finish...I.....caaaaaaaaaaaaaan not. The shame. I summoned all the powers a animator sidekick is allowed to have but alas all I could muster was a few wee which point my stomach damn near asploded.

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tomsaville said...

Everything is bigger in Texas, Ray...including the food induced comas.