Monday, March 28, 2005


  • animation powers: low
It's monday. What else is there to say? I'm still recovering from all the chocolate goodness of Easter; curse you peanut butter eggs!! About the only thing exciting happening today is the simple thought that there is a new episode of LOST on Wednesday.....sweet..finally. I pretty much only watch three shows with any regularity. LOST, which rules, Smallville, which sucks more each week and 24. 24...dear dear 24..I just haven't been feeling it this season..its seems a little "been there done that". And you know that no matter what the hell happens Jack will save the day in that last hour. Have the world asplode in that last hour or maybe Jack gives birth....that would be unexpected.

Well not everyone is having a bleah Monday. I want to give a shout out to 2 of our production assistants, Tonymator and Bluebarry, who offically start as animators today. They will be working on two Jimmy Neutron specials that recently went into production here. God be with


Tonymator said...

Yes... this is a special Monday for me indeed. I brought a video camera to capture my first day as a paid animator, and secured my place as resident dork. Animator-Boy is mostly to blame for my situation... I mean my gratitude goes out to him for this opportunity. :D

tomsaville said...

yeah! congrats you two on the animation positions. and seriously, good luck. :)