Monday, September 22, 2008

California Dreaming Part 2

Our visit to Monterey was more laid back than our Disneyland visit. No big crowds, the weather was cooler and no giant talking animals.

One of the highlights was 17 mile drive, a scenic drive along the coast.

The worst thing about 17 mile drive, if not the entire trip was our stop at Bird Rock. As the name implies, bird rock is populated with a lot of birds(and few sea lions). The smell was perhaps the worst thing I have ever smelled....ever. Take a dumpster full of moldy food, through in 100 lbs of dirty diapers and 50 gallons of yak vomit, and you would have something almost as bad as this. The amazing thing is that there were picnic tables nearby...and people were sitting there eating. I would have taken a picture of this but I was on the ground, convulsing.
Near the end of the drive stands the Lone Cypress; its that tree on the rock. It may not look like much, but this baby has withstood the harshest of storms for nearly 250 years. Pretty amazing.
Another day we took a trip down to Cannery Row which has lots of shops, restaurants and cans

We stopped into the Ghirardelli shop and got sundaes.....mmmm boy I love me some Ghirardelli hot fudge sundaes. This was a prelude to the chocolate greatness awaiting in San Francisco.
Wonder-pea had her eye on a bake good or two...or a super delicious bakery. Oh sweet Ghirardelli weep not, for it will never replace my heart

Waving good-bye to Monterey, we headed further north for the extremely steep streets of San Francisco.

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