Tuesday, September 09, 2008

California Dreaming Part 1

Our big summer trip this year was to California. We met my parents in LA and set out to visit Disneyland, Monterey and San Francisco all in one week. It was a busy trip but really fun nonetheless.

I haven't been to Disneyland in nine years and wow has it changed. The Downtown Disney area and new park were under construction when last I visited. We stayed at the Grand Californian and this was our view from the room. It was pretty nice, looking out your window each morning and feeling like your NOT in Anaheim.

I love night time pictures...much more than my camera does; if only I had a tripod.

Unlike Disney World, Disneyland still has Mr. Toad's Wild Ride. I'm a big fan of the cartoon so it was fun to get to ride it once again. Wonder-pea was not impressed, as going to Hell is not her idea of a good time. O-K fine be like that....

Lil Pumpkin looks for attractions that won't send you to Hell....

We all really liked the Storybookland ride. The attention to detail on the houses and scenery is super cool. Plans are underway to build this ride in my backyard.

It was great to see the subs running once more. A few buddies worked on the Nemo redo and I so wanted to check it out, but the line was over an hour each and every time. I bet the management folks in Florida are regretting filling in their sub lagoon; damn us!

Fun little spot off to the front of the castle that we happened upon. I hear it has been bulldozed for a Tinkerbell/Fairies area......boooo

Wonder-pea is a HUGE Wall-E fan. Wall-E himself is HUGE at Disneyland.

This was the first time we had every been to Disney's California Adventure, and I was surprised that we actually spent a good bit of time there. The park is not a total bust there are some nice sections like this.....

...but then there was this.

Notice the complete lack of shade. The only sunburn I got the entire trip was from walking around Paradise Pier. If the intent was to recreate the hot, summer time misery of walking along a ocean boardwalk then: MISSION ACCOMPLISHED.

I was looking forward to checking out the Animation attraction but was bummed that it's more or less a one visit deal. Once you take the quiz in Beast's library or record your voice in Ursula's Grotto (the inside IS very well themed and neato looking), you don't really need to come back here again....ever. I welcome the changes the park will be experiencing in the coming years.

After a couple days of Disneyland fun, it was time to drive up the coast to Monterey.

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