Wednesday, November 21, 2007

It's a Wonderful Bug's Life

Results from the poll:

Favorite Animated Insect Movie
The Ant Bully (19%)
Antz (14%)
Bee Movie (5%)
A Bug's Life (62%)

People love the life of bugs......bee movie?....not so much.

A new poll is up just in time for the holidays!


Alex Fleisig said...

when I saw banana creme
I made an out loud vocal noise of excitement

i pray that no one heard

tonymation said...

If the moon was made of banana cream pie... would you eat it?

I would. Then I'd wash it down with the milky way.

RayChase said...

i will admit alex that i added that choice for you. mostly because the image of you in the giant banana costume is burned into my brain.....i see it everywhere, even when i close my eyes..

Ken Mitchroney said...

You had to take a poll for this? I'm still optimistic Ray ! You have been found and book marked, So watch yourself pal.