Friday, November 02, 2007

Bee Movie

Bee Movie opens today. Yes its out right now!! Go....hurry.....time is running out!! ReelFx did some promotional spots for the film. I have a couple shots I did up in the animation section. Enjoy.

A new poll is up as well. Here are the results from the previous:

Favorite Team Fortress 2 DEFENSE character
Demoman (33%)
Heavy (33%)
Engineer (33%)

A three way tie!! You're all winners!!


Alex Fleisig said...

wow ray...
those animations are so great...
really beautiful subtle acting...

how did I miss the team fortress poll???!!!!

what? no blog post about it???!!!!


RayChase said...

thanks alex! those shots were a lot of fun to work on; cool reads by jerry.

the new poll went up with the TF2 post. i've been combining poll results/launching new polls with regular posts....cause im crazy like that!!

i didn't mention a new poll was up so now i have learned; i will do so in the future alex..all for you..

so who is your favorite TF2 defense player?

tonymation said...

Nice work Ray!

I have to say that Bug's Life is still my favorite insect film.

Forgive me Ant Bully!