Sunday, March 18, 2007


If you have ever emailed me off my web site you most likely sent mail to This alias actual sent your email to my aol account which is all fine and dandy. However, I have noticed that the spam filter on aol has been a tad too aggressive, tossing none spam emails, emails sent through the "me" alias, into the spam folder.

I tried adjusting the filter settings but it is like a big, crazy, drooling St. Bernard, operating in one of two moods. Mode 1: aggressive and frightening, marking friendly emails as hostile. Mode 2: sleeps in the corner and lets everything in.

Since I don't have time to scan the hordes of spam looking for legitimate emails, I am changing the site email to If you have ever emailed me and never gotten a response, it may not be because I don't like you, it may be in fact, that your email was flagged as spam and was purged.

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Shephard said...

Oh, aol is evil. That's why. They're the devil's play thing. Some bad juju, and even worse mojo. And other two syllable words like that.