Tuesday, March 20, 2007

At World's End...Now in English

I'm really digging this trailer. The duel on the mast of the Black Pearl is awesome...of course the trailer for Dead Man's Chest was pretty killer, yet the movie disappointed me on various levels. I enjoy DMC now, but yeah I left the theater feeling a little unsatisfied with the 2nd installment. Still, I'm jazzed about the new film.


Shephard said...

Cool trailer, gotta admit.
Did I tell you about the mess with someone leaking the ending?
If I didn't, remind me.
I hadn't seen the trailer yet. Can't believe it's coming out so soon!

3DBurke said...

I'm a bit skeptical that the third film will deliver since it was shot back to back. I sense a Matrix 3 on this one. Hopefully it'll pull a 180 and go back to the awesomeness of the original.

RayChase said...

Aye it could be a Matrix 3 or it could be a Back to the Future 3 which I thought was a fun movie like the original.

I knew the series was in trouble when they decided to shoot back to back. For whatever reason the writers seem to think that they need to make 1 giant 5 movie.

Shoot back to back, have a cliff hanger ala Wrath of Khan but make each film stand on its own..

My expectations were through the roof for DMC and when they are that high you are sure to be diaappointed (see Star Wars prequels) I'm trying to keep my expectations at a reasonable level for AWE...

P.S. Disney if you make another pirates trilogy DON'T make it one giant story and DON'T shoot it back to back....the end