Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Worship the Sun

This past Sunday I spent most of the day outside doing work around the yard; cutting back trees, cleaning up leaves and general frolicking about. It was awesome to finally be outside for some length of time without freezing.

Yes I live in Texas and I said freezing.

We have lived here for nearly 7 years and this was the worst winter I have experienced. Rain, snow, ice and wind; we had it all. Usually the crap weather lasts for a few weeks. This year it seemed like months....MONTHS of winter....my god what kind of world am I living in.

Those who know me, know that I don't like to wear pants. I am more of a year round shorts guy. This winter I had to wear pants at least a dosen times..oh the horror! My criteria for wearing pants is this: if I get up and its below freezing and/or snowing then I can not possibly wear shorts. Many times I woke up to temperatures in the teens and twenties. Brrrr

But now that untapped resource of power and warmth is shining brightly down upon us. And in a few short months it will becoming increasingly unbearable, burning my flesh and causing pets to exploded. Then the cursing of the sun will begin.


Mentalray said...

Well I didn't want to let out the secret Ray but I must. I brought the cold with me to TX and when I left I forgot to bring it back. It's 90 here and I feel guilty. I'm glad it warmed up a bit! I also wish it were 90 here :D. Okay thats it, start the sever it's Quake time. Muhahaha

Shephard said...

I didn't know you too were a member of the Year-Round-Shorts Club.

How do you feel about socks?