Monday, January 01, 2007

The Year That Was.....

Happy New Year peoples! Gone is the that wacky year that was 2006.....and I thought 2005 was wacky. Year '05 was riddled with lots of minor bumps in the road as we had a string of minor bad luck. Add in the encounters with the ginormous possum and the mouse in the house , I was more than ready to get to 2006...because 2006 just had to be a better year.

Two major things happened in 2006 both residing on opposite ends of the spectrum. The good: the birth of my son. Yep Lil Pumpkin was the big, bright happy spot of 2006. The bad: losing my job and watching all my friends move all over the place. That was the big "suck" that started in February (when we were first told of the upcoming suckiness) and continued until I started my new job in August. For those of you playing at home that is 6 months of suck.

To cheer me up during the suck months I took in a couple movies, not many, just a few. I don't think I saw a single film this year that I really enjoyed on all levels. Even Pirates and Superman managed to let me down in various ways. The best thing I saw was Walk the Line on DVD and that came out the previous year. To add insult to injury Ant Bully opened and was a financial flop...sigh. So movies were a bummer for me in 2006.

But amid all the gloom of 2006 there was some bright spots. As mentioned Lil Pumpkin is the super nova of 2006. I'm at a new job and really enjoying it, I've made new friends this year as well as keeping in touch with the ol work gang which makes me happy.

In 2006 I also became involved with Animation Mentor which has been a great experience. And I started drawing again thanks to getting involved with Drawer Geeks.

So while it is true some sucktacular things happened in 2006, a lot of good things happened as well...and I didn't die which is always a plus.

Hopefully good things await in 2007.


toast said...

Hi Raychase! You have a great fun blog. I enjoy reading your thought on the various different movies coming out and projects you are working on.

I used to work at Vanguard in Canada and have met many people who worked on Ant Bully. Maybe you know some of them!

Please check out my blog and let me know what you think!


toast said...

Sorry, got that link wrong.

Try this one:

Bobby Pontillas said...

Hey Ray!

I have you as a mentor this Monday! See you then!