Thursday, November 02, 2006

Texas State Fun

A couple weekends ago we went to the annual Texas State Fair. I like going to the fair, it is a fun way to spend the day and to drop a lot of money. My god is it expensive to go the ol fair. When the day started, we were doing pretty well. As we were about to buy our tickets a nice woman turned to me and said here ya go and walked off. She handed me a complimentary ticket. Awesome. That plus a coupon that got Wonder-pea in for free, and we were doing pretty well.

But once you get inside its all over. Since they make you purchase tickets you really have no idea how much anything really costs. Wonder-pea wanted to go on a train ride which was 6 tickets. I wanted to ride with her, because I just love riding the kiddie train, which cost me 6 tickets. I figured out later that the experience really cost us about $6. Needless to say we avoided more rides. But then....there is the food.

Funnel cakes, corn dogs and anything you could ever want deep fried is all there waiting for you. In addition to fried ice cream, oreos, cheesecake and several others, this year they had fried Coke. Someone who had deep fried everything imaginable must have figure that the only challenge left was to fry a liquid.

While cruising the fair and trying to figure out how the hell you actually deep fry Coke, we passed a stand selling "fried donkey tails" which immediately made a picture in my head of tailess donkeys standing in a pen with white X's on their bums. The initial reaction was: bleah.

Later we found a food booklet that told us what a fried donkey tail was: a footlong hot dog split down the side, filled with cheese and deep fried in a tortia. My god that sounds....delicious. We sought out said fried donkey tails, devoured them and headed towards the fried cheesecake which I adore.

But something happened on the walk to the cheesecake. Maybe what I had just eaten had just registered with my brain or the smell of fried everything in the air was just too much for my stomach, but hearing the words "fried" and "cheesecake" just about sent me into cardiac arrest.

Instead we went over to the car show where Wonder-pea had a blast trying out all the latest models and as a bonus, it required no tickets. I just wish she would open her eyes when driving.


Anonymous said...

did you drink chocolate milk too? cause you have a milk mustache....and a milk goatee.

Alex Fleisig said...

that's one of the funnies pictures I've ever seen, and one of the most horrifying. what kind of a parent lets their child drive a motor vehicle. i'll bet you fed her whiskey afterwards. are you going to keep the jack sparrow face?