Monday, October 06, 2008

Open Season 2 trailer

Here is the first real trailer for Open Season 2. The DVD comes out January 29, 2009. We wrapped production on it months ago..seems weird we have to wait sooo long for it to come out.

I have one shot in the trailer. Boog saying "..we can't give up on our friend Weenie."


Rich said...

Your shot looks nice! I was wondering, how does the production vary from a theatrical release to a direct to DVD? Do you find directors are a little more lenient on what makes it through?

RayChase said...

Thanks Rich! The production schedule was pretty tight so yeah I would say the directors were probably a bit more lenient than if we had 18 months of production. Still, they would give notes and major changes if it wasn't working.

It was one of those situations where after a few months the animators got to know the directors sensibilties, what they liked and what they would zing in on. Of course by the time our minds began to align, production was just about over.

Sandy Sze said...

YAA! Your shot looks great! hahaha.. funny! So why isn't this released to the big screen?

RayChase said...

Thanks Sandy! The intent for OS2 was always home video. The budget and time for the project was no where near what would have needed to be for a theatrical release.