Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Team Fortress 2

TF2 is out!! Yes its true. I have been playing the Beta Orange Box release for a few weeks now and its a lot o fun; I'm actually doing pretty good...who would of thunk it possible. Now you can join in on the fun by going HERE.

Big congrats to my buddies up at Valve: Andrew Burke, Hamish Mckenzie, Karen Prell and Matthew Russell.

Poll results...for: Of my 5 shows, which will rock the hardest this season

HEROES (40%)
The Office (47%)
LOST (7%)
24 (7%)
Smallville (0%)


Alex Fleisig said...

yay team fortress
and yay heroes and the office
interest is waning for lost and 24 i think

smallville will always rule though
no matter how few people
vote for it

manfred said...

Argh! And where is a PC between all those mac boxes if you need one?