Monday, August 20, 2007

The Phantom Blahs

Not surprising that the poll for WORST Star Wars film resulted in Phantom Menace(55%) being the winner. Second place went to Attack of the Clones(36%) with Revenge of the Sith(9%) coming in third; not a lot of love for the prequels...shocking. No votes were cast for the original trilogy...the Ewoks rejoice!

Keeping the Lucas theme going...a Indiana Jones poll is now up!!


Alex Fleisig said...

i actually really enjoyed revenge of the sith... i remember a few silly moments, but overall I thought it was quite good... which indy movie is the worst?... that's a no brainer

Barry said...

i voted....and it was for the gay phantom....why lucas, why did you have to invent medclorines (or whatever they are called)

oh and won't stop by your have mice there.

Shephard said...

That *is* kinda shocking.
I like Ep 4. I may be quite alone in that. lol I wonder if people who are less invested would reveal less skewed results... the average film-goer, that is.