Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Energon Cubes Make Me Gasey

Transformers officially opens today although it sorta, kinda opened on Monday. In stores at this very moment is Transformers: The Game. If you haven't seen the game trailer head on over to the official game site and check it out; looks like a lot of fun.

ReelFX did some of the cut scene animatics for the game and I've posted several of my shots in the animation area. A word of warning!! If you have NOT seen the movie, there are a couple spoilers in my shot montage, as the game follows events in the film. You have been warned.


Alex Fleisig said...

great stuff ray

Shephard said...

Did you like it?
Bey is a questionable director, and the dialogue was... well... iffy... but we thought it was at least entertaining. :)

RayChase said...

Thanks Alex!...and thanks for the link suggestion....

Shephard I wasn't going to blog about transforers...but you made me do it..