Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Burger Time

While doing some food shopping I saw a package of Mickey Mouse Hamburgers and by golly it struck me as being so darn bizarre, that I had to snap a picture.

My initial thought was "You got to be kidding me, who would buy these?"

The obvious answer is that they are hoping the kids will yell and scream for em because mouse head shaped burger patties excite and amaze todays youth. I'm surprised Nickelodeon hasn't licensed a SpongeBob shaped pattie.

While I stood in the freezer section of my grocery store laughing at the patties I noticed something in the upper right corner where it says Check It Out.....mmmm yummy..

It makes the picture of happy, burger flipping, Mickey so very, very wrong.....but at least there's no trans fat..


Alex Fleisig said...

that is insanity!!!!

this must be how disney will make up the money from no more straight to dvd sequels.

Kent Alfred said...

If you are lucky you might find some unprocessed mouse tail in that burger.