Wednesday, December 13, 2006

H.R. Fuss n Stuff

In general things have been going well with Lil Pumpkin. He's a cute little guy. He'll smile and laugh here and there for no apparent reason which is kinda funny. Like he just thought of something amusing.

Wonder-pea is enjoying being a big sister and hasn't been too too jealous of the new person. Although every once and a while she will tell my wife to "put him down"......I mean've been holding him long enough.

However, this past Sunday was one of "those" days. Lil Pumpkin cried pretty much the entire day.....sometimes it was so intense I thought he was going to asplode. It was so bad that at one point I went into the kitchen and stuck my head in the oven. Of course since its not a gas oven I was looking at a bad burn at most.

Wonder pea likes to sing the SpongeBob song "this is the best day ever". On Sunday we were all singing "this is the worst day ever" because nothing would appease the Pumpkin King. It was like someone had snuck into the house the night before and replaced our happy child with the spawn of satan.

"Are you hungry? Need a diaper change? This toy? This one? A blanket? A pillow? Your tired? Your cold? Your hot? You want $10? Here take $10...just stop, for the love of god stop!!"

By some miracle he actually went to sleep that night. At which point the three of us collapsed right where we were.

The next morning I approached his bassinet with cross and holy water in hand. As I peaked in I could see he was awake and happy, smiling for no reason and laughing at the air. I was thrilled that the evil had left him. I picked him up and said "hey buddy how we doing today?" He looked at me, smiled and then spit up all over me.

At least he was happy...


manfred said...

After drilling 14 holes in the kitchen to get those cupboards (that were feeling pretty lonely after almost 4 months waiting in the basement for some lazy wanna-be-an-animator-dude) on the wall AND after realizing that 8 out of those 14 holes were drilled at some strange location and with the wrong drill (breathe) – I need those kind of postings to start all over with a smile on my face. ... I just can't decide. Back to the kitchen or better try my luck in the graph editor?

Shephard said...

Wow. Fatherhood. You may be in line for sainthood. Poor little guy. Maybe he had an ear ache or something?