Wednesday, June 07, 2006

I'm Back Baby!

Yes it is true dear readers I have returned from pan handling across America. Thanks for all the nice comments while I was away. While there is not anything concrete on the new job, I hope to announce something very soon.

During our trip I celebrated by 35th birthday. Yes yes very exciting. And I got to spend the day with the wife and Wonder-pea at the Magic Kingdom which is not a bad place to spend the ol birthday.

Now it is no secret that I am a HUGE Pirates of the Caribbean fan; the ride, the movie, the broadway show...I love it all. But unfortunately, when we made our way over to the POTC ride this is what awaited me:

I am woe and woe is me. But then I noticed yet another sign. What is this…dead mean DO tell tales…intriguing says I…

I’ve been catching the trailer for Dead Man’s Chest and I got to say that I am so jazzed to see this movie. Speaking of movies…

Remember that movie The Ant Bully that I did a couple things on? Well it was supposed to come out Aug 4 but while on my trip I thought "Why make the people wait?" So I made a few phone calls and got the release pushed up to July 28th. Mark your calendars accordingly.


Shephard said...

You know about the new audio animatronics, right? :)


coastalwader said...

Hey Ray!

Just caught up with your "stuff" here.

Hang in there man, you deserve the best.

Good Luck!