Sunday, April 16, 2006

Live Q&A: now with chocolate

So last night I did a Live Q&A on Animation Mentor. The first one I had ever done. In a live q&a the mentor (me) is on camera answering questions and bestowing knowledge or something masquerading as such, to the students. And yes I was a little nervous to the point of nearly peeing my least twice. But after getting over some user error issues (yes I had problems with which buttons I needed to press and when) things trucked along pretty well. Although I was freaked out for a good bit with the whole being on camera thing. I kept wanting to look at myself to make sure I wasn't being a total dork but when I would look...well..I would look like a total dork and my bladder would go on high alert.

All that aside it was a lot of fun and we ended up going way longer than our scheduled time. It was great talking animation with others who have a passion for the art form. Hopefully I provided some helpful information and didn't butcher too many names; sorry Boosi...I think I got it right eventually though...maybe....

So today is Easter and after a late night of talking animation I am pretty tired. Wonder pea is on perhaps her 3rd or 4th egg hunt of the weekend and I have eaten more chocolate than a human should be allowed. What can I say? All the sugar is keeping me awake and I just can't stay off those chocolate/peanut butter eggs. We also have chocolate/coconut eggs which are deadly!! For the love of god be careful with those!! I had a couple the other day and my body went into sudden sugar shock. I spent an hour wandering the house, talking to chairs and drooling on myself. I had to eat a carrot as quickly as possible in order to counter the sweet delicious goodness.

I hope everyone is having a great weekend! I am off to battle Wonder pea for the last chocolate/peanut butter egg. I think I can take her. But when candy is on the line its surprising how strong and agile a three old can be.....


Anonymous said...

Hahaha Ray you're so funny!

Just wanted to thank you for being soo generous with your time and staying a whole hour longer than those Q&A things are meant to be :D

We really weren't supposed to keep on asking questions after the first hour, I think ;)

Hahaha and we TOTALLY took advantage of your generosity and the fact that you were new with all our requests to check out our public reviews ;D

But really, thanks loads for that too!

I can't imagine when you must have finally gotten to sleep that night :O

Oh, and you know what the funny thing is? It's when someone thinks they must have come across as being really nervous but the thing is people who are not actually inside your head can hardly tell! You seemed pretty chill to me!

Anyway, seems like you had a really chocolately Easter! I felt a little nauseous just reading about all that chocolate lol
I guess I do not have much of a sweet tooth >_<
But mmmmm carrots are yummy!

Anyhoots! Catch ya later :D

P.S. Hahaha about pronouncing my name.. you did get it right in the end, you're just lucky I'm not making anyone try to pronounce my real name: Balqis (or, more accurately transcribed as "baelqkhueeeesss") lol :D

Hector said...

Whats up Ray, sitting at the Q&A right now decided to drop a comment while I listen to the tiger question. I wish I had more time to blog as much as I did before AM but Ill be sure to add yours to my daily reading list (or what is now more like a weekly reading list). Best of luck with everything, cant wait for Ant Bully.


Anonymous said...

Hi Ray,

So sorry I missed your Q&A, I was traveling that weekend and didn't notice your session until too late. Sounds like it was great for both you and the students!!!

I am about halfway through my first AM course and am quite pleased so far. The live Q&A's are one of the best features, besides the education of course. It seems that you were already very generous with your time, but if I can plea for anything else, I'd ask if you jotted any specific notes about it that you could share with me. Until then, I'm going to be rumaging through your site and becoming fantastically intrigued, I'm sure. ;)

So take care, hope to hear from you soon.

Laura Skowronski
Laura Sko (at) gmail (dot) com