Saturday, March 25, 2006

Ant Bully Animation Crew

Have you ever wondered what a bunch of animators might look like? Sure you have. Well wonder no more! Here is a fun picture of the animation crew for The Ant Bully. Unfortuantely a few people were not around the day we took this, so this is about 98% of the animators. What a fine looking bunch of people wouldn't you say. And no I'm not the giant purple puppet in the middle, although I could be if I wanted. I am in the front row aaallll the way to the right.

click for larger version


Shephard said...

You seem to have a Kermit hoving above you. I hope that isn't contageous.

Tonymator said...

Yes... you have pointed out the elephant in the room. Most of us at DNA try to ignore Ray's unsightly Kermit... nobody here knows if it is contagious. It's one of those subjects you are afraid to bring up. Ray never talks about it, so I think he is either in denial, or has lived with his Kermit for so long, that he has forgotten how freaky it is to others.