Sunday, December 11, 2005

The Lion, the Witch and the Giggles

  • animation powers: are beginning to look a lot like Christmas

Could be some spoilers ahead so watch it....

A bunch of us went to see the Chronicles of Narnia last night. By and large I enjoyed the picture. It takes a little while to get going but I was very entertained and never bored from start to finish. It's kind of like Lord of the Rings for kids but without any precious.

I keep reading about all the Christian themes in the film. I must be missing something. Aside from Aslan freely giving himself up to be killed and "rising" from the dead and Edmund being "forgiven", I don't see any parallel to the bible, God or Jesus. Perhaps people are injecting what they want into the film. Seeing what they want to see. Just how some see the Harry Potter films as the work of Satan himself.

But never mind all that. The Giggles you are saying...why is that in the header. Well my observant little faun, there is a reason. You see in the film as Aslan starts to wander into the woods, with Lucy and Susan looking on, I leaned over to my friend on my right and whispered "he's going off to poop". This made my friend start to laugh, which in turn made me start to laugh. This of course is a quiet and serious point in the film. We both can't stop laughing; giggling away like a couple of girls. While we are trying to compress our laughter, Lucy and Susan approach Aslan and say something to which he replies "Yes I would like some company". Now we are laughing even more. My friend to my left who has no idea why we are laughing...begins to laugh. I'm thinking "oh man I am ruining this movie for all these people". Trying to compress the laughter results in a "squeak" which sounds funny and serves as lighter fluid for a blaze that's out of control.

Finally, biting my lip to induce pain and with tears streaming down my face from a good 5 minutes of giggling, we all seem to pull it together and continue with the film. What can I say, I was a victim of the giggle loop (if you watch the BBC Coupling you know what I'm talking about) My apologies to anyone sitting around us.


Shephard said...

We felt the same way, I guess. We thought it was kinda a good solid kids movie with some decent special effects. But not something we'd watch over and over. I mean, with no Satan tie-ins like HP, what's the point?
~S ;)

Tonymator said...

I thought the story was pretty true to the original story. I just wish Peter accepted his role in Narnia sooner, like in the book. I didn't buy the reluctant hero bit after it was drug out so long. All in all, I am ready to see the next 6 Chronicles of Narnia films.