Sunday, April 10, 2005

Tired, tired....oh so tired...

  • animation powers: sleepy

After a few days of screwing around with my secret identity site, I have finally got the thing all up and looking spiffy. I did some reorganizing of things and added a few things. Hopefully it is better than it was before.....better...stronger...faster....I had the power to rebuild it.

I also included some pictures of my pirate desk in the Jimmy Neutron Animation Section. Once we are done with Ant Bully I will probably create a general DNA area. However, since Jimmy is the only DNA thing I can show at the moment, little big head has an area located within a general animation area. Asleep yet? Man I'm about to fall face first on the ol keyboard.

Here's one of the many shots of me pirate theme


Sir Tom Saville III said...

woah thats cool, Ray! I havent seen the new area since I left. Looks like you've been busy at work... :)

Anonymous said...


Very cool! If only we could all work like that. Me wants to be a pirate too!!


P.S. My secret identity from here on in will be 'designer-girl' :)

^Sunrise said...